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Environment, Sustainability, and Corporate Governance (ESG)


At Zyetric, all of our staff adhere to high ethical standards and responsible business practices when we approach to ESG matters and we are committed to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.


Our unique advertising solution which we offer in is commissioned with our customers and the environment in mind. This simple, and direct advertising format has enabled corporates to advertise in KOL videos with low costs and high ROI, while minimising carbon footprint and waste during the process.



Commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions

No waste or carbon emissions incurred from the production of our background ads as we do not require any advertising props! 

Use less paper

No printed materials that eventually go to landfill. 

Conserve electricity

No electronic signage that is constantly on and consuming electricity.

Significant reduction in time for ad insertion/production

Ad insertion time reduced from weeks/months to 1-2 hours.

Paperless workflow and operations

From collaborating with KOLs, working with brands on the ad material to creating a video with advertisement, everything is done via email or other electronic means of communication. 



Social inclusion in workplace

Daily team meetings.

Everyone is encouraged to give ideas and voice out anything.

Open plan office

Engaging workspace environment to enhance communication, teamwork and innovation.

Gender equality for both men and women

No gender pay gap.

Flexible working hours for those who have family responsibilities.



Board of Directors

6 members with broad background and experiences.

Annual board meetings and AGM with all shareholders.

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