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Zyetric presented its groundbreaking AI technologies at the E.A.T Lab of EduHK

Zyetric presented its groundbreaking AI technologies at the E.A.T Lab of EduHK

On 29th December 2023, The Education University of Hong Kong (EduHK) organized a kick-off ceremony for its E.A.T (education, arts, and technology) Lab, Hong Kong’s first ever technology lab for special education needs^ (SEN) technologies at EduHK’s Tseung Kwan O study center. The event showcased multiple technologies for special education needs (SEN) students, and was well attended with numerous school principals, university professors, SEN teachers and parents attending the event.

Dr. Patrick Lam, CEO of Zyetric Technologies (Second from right) pictured with organizers and guests of the event.

Zyetric was invited to showcase its newest real-time facial translation technology alongside three other SEN technologies on the day, with a booth for visitors to try out the technology. Concurrently, Zyetric’s CEO Dr Patrick Lam was invited to introduce and share about the technology during a seminar. With the rise of generative AI, he said, many more applications of AI can be realised, especially in the SEN education sector where such technologies could help SEN students with their learning.

Dr Patrick Lam presenting Zyetric’s newest technology at the seminar

Dr Patrick Lam (second from left) receiving a certificate of appreciation from EduHK

We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to share our latest technology, and we will continue to strive towards developing new technologies that can address various needs in the society.

^Special education needs refers to children that have specific learning related problems or disabilities that affect their ability to learn. Common special education needs include specific learning disorders (SpLD) like dyslexia, speech and language impairment, intellectual disability, ADHD, visual/hearing impairment, autism, physical disability, and mental illness.

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